Privacy policy


With the development of new communication tools, special attention must be paid to the protection of privacy. That’s why we’re committed to respecting the confidentiality of the personal information we gather.

Collection of personal information

We gather the following information:

  • Surname
  • First name
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone/fax number

The personal information we gather is collected through forms and the interactivity between you and our website. As stated below, we also use cookies and/or logs to gather information about you.

Forms and interactivity

The following information is collected through a form:

  • Contact

We use the information received for the following purposes:

  • Establishing contact with clients


The personal information we collect is stored in a secure environment. The individuals who work for us must respect the confidentiality of your information. We employ the following measures to ensure the security of your personal information:

  • Access management – authorized person
  • Access management – involved person
  • Backup
  • Creation of digital certificate
  • Firewalls

We are committed to maintaining a high level of confidentiality by integrating the latest technological innovations to ensure the confidentiality of your transactions. However, as no mechanism provides full security, some degree of risk is always associated with the use of the Internet for forwarding personal information.