Jimmy Jib

The most versatile crane

The Stanton Jimmy Jib is the most versatile and sought out crane in the industry. The Travelling team offers a large inventory of Jimmy Jibs, as well as all the accessories to install the different camera models and lenses that are available on the market.

  • Standard: 6’ reach / 9’ total
  • Standard Plus: 9’ reach / 12’ total
  • Giant: 12’ reach / 15’ total
  • Giant Plus: 15’ reach / 18’ total
  • Super: 18’ reach / 24’ total
  • Super 21: 21’ reach / 27’ total
  • Super Plus: 24’ reach / 30’ total
  • Extreme: 30’ reach / 40’ total
  • 12 meter-crane: 40’ reach / 49’ total
  • Tracks
  • Three-wheeled tripods
  • Four-wheeled tripods
  • Crank wheels
  • Dutch heads
  • Jib heads
  • Compatible with most cameras and lenses for film or video.
  • Can be used on the ground in a fixed location, on wheels, or on tracks.
  • Only one operator is needed to use the equipment.

Seamless movements

The best crane on the market that only needs one operator.

The Jimmy Jib stands out thanks to its seamless movements while only needing one operator.

What’s more, they can also control the zoom, focus, pan, and tilt, as well as create their own tracking shots. The Jimmy Jib can be installed on a wheeled tripod or on tracks to get even more movement.

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